poem: Elephantine


For those being killed in the Philippines’ ‘War on Drugs’


Let’s call it out

that fluorescently scarlet

elephant in the room



the elected tool

of preference


Sweep away those

we don’t understand,

don’t want to deal with


Obscene reversal

not caring for the poor,

we cull them


Burst that elephantine balloon

blood stains across

our faces, our hands



and come to our senses



First published in ‘Orbis, Quarterly International Literary Journal’

poem: Dawn

Dawn sky

Lark fills hollow halls 

of vastness, uncontainable 

sweet echoes of loneliness


Clouds scud the sky

impervious to my meanderings


Nature rebukes my quibbling

with the beauty of her ignoring


Yet embracing



this unknown inclusivity


I am

the alien

immigrant, refugee





First published in Orbis; Quarterly International Literary Journal

Poem: Earthenware


Words hit the wheel

Slapped down soil

Grounded centre

Quality tested

Strained as

Spinning out

To impress

But will these mud walls

Hold all

I want to say


Kiln dried and glazed

Hues to please

Consenting eye

But all too brittle

Too small

To contain

Truth’s edge

Baked out earth losing

The voice

Entrusted me


Yet arching forms

Draw me in

To living clay

Beyond the vessel

For love

For freedom


Binds shards in gold

Our tears

Will mould


Our story







First published in The Voices Project:

poem: Re-entry Commute


circle of friends shrunk to a

cavernous zero

digital chatter


washed up on the shore

of independence

ejected from the sea

of circumstance


ripple of dark over green

velvet shimmering

ruffle of time caught

in a vision of fields

skimming the tracks between cities

of purpose

glorified limbo




sweeping down stairways

surfing through tunnels

the magnificence

of this animal




First published in ‘Voice of Eve’: