Health&Wholeness Equation


Exercise + Good Nutrition + Leisure activities + Mental stimulation / Learning + Positive Environment + Social life / Community + Spiritual Growth + Absence of Sickness / Injury / Disability / Acute Stress + Sufficient Sleep + Work and creative fulfillment + Youth = Health&Wholeness


What do you think of this equation? Not exactly rocket science, eh!

More like, plain ol’ common sense.


But let’s go to the trouble of spelling it out, if only to underline a few obvious-but-overlooked facts.


Fact 1: Seasons

As we walk along this journey called life, we walk through different seasons, different circumstances.


Fact 2: Farewell factors

Because of Fact 1, our Health&Wholeness Equation is constantly shifting, fluctuating.

Certain factors on the left side of the equation diminish, or disappear altogether. Some, never to return.

(For the majority of the world’s population, one or more of these factors, will always be absent.)


Fact 3: Equilibrium

To the degree a certain factor disappears, to an equal degree the other left-side factors grow in significance.

If Health&Wholeness are to be maintained, that is.



Practically speaking, what can that mean?


  • The sanity of a new mother depends on napping when baby does, and having a friend over for coffee every now and again.
  • A young adult, living and working in a toxic environment, manages to maintain mental normalcy because of an online writing course.
  • A couple in their 50s discover the fun and benefit of exercise and healthy eating for the first time in their lives.
  • A recently-made widow thrives in the midst of grief because of a supportive community and a renewed passion for gardening.


Personal Consequences

Practically speaking, what does the Health&Wholeness Equation mean for you, what does it mean for me, at this point in our lives?


And do current circumstances mean having to rethink current priorities?


Reality checking our own individual circumstances. So we can reset, upgrade our own individual priorities.


‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!’


What is your unique version of lemon juice going to taste like this week?


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