Love’s Cautionary Tale april 2019

Discerning fellow human beings means truly seeing The Other:

The Poor 

The Young 

The Old 

The Homeless

The Sick 

The Prisoner 


To the degree we see each other simply as needy target groups, we utterly miss the mark; the mark of love.

Do I get it, do I really get it: that God loves The Other NO LESS than He loves me?

Jesus says, 

I was hungry

I was in homeless

I was sick

I was in prison 

(Matthew 25)

Because God identifies Himself precisely with that poor brother, that stricken sister, 

that malnourished child. 

How about this thought: He is better able to associate with the above-mentioned than with those of us who think we have it all.

Lack of truly seeing The Other can mean an astounding lack of discernment. 

Some of us proclaim ourselves unwittingly as the extremists we are. 

Fooled by our own advertising, we may be the only ones blind to our own blinkers.

Sleeper wake up!

Blind man see!

How revolutionary is

this love.

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