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New York’s experience may well be a warning to us all – of what is to come in our different parts of the world: The pandemic is the ‘Great Exposer’ of the grim reality of our inequalities…


Currently journalists have the crucial role of doing what good writers always do: they stop us in our tracks with truth we instinctively already know, but hadn’t been able to quite put into words.


And then you have the specialists, the academics, who are also writers. How we need them now! They tell us truths we may have already guessed at (or have no clue about), but their words expose the dark undercurrents. Their words solidify the abstract into living prophesies.


As societies, we ignore them at our peril.


For example, there is Kent Sepkowitz, an infectious-disease specialist in New York City. He writes a powerful article on why his city has been hit so hard by COVID-19, and finishes with these words:


“Hopefully, the Covid-19 pandemic will force us to reckon honestly with the many shortfalls that have been exposed and build a fair, forward-thinking approach that allows doctors and nurses to care for people in need. Failure to do this will only further darken the memory of those who have died and the hearts of those who remain.”

– Kent Sepkowitz


Please read his article here:



Photo impression: Overlooking Manila, the Philippines; another city destined to be exposed by the virus?

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