Poem: The City Burns


The City Burns

Pondering the actor with his brilliance
enticing me into ecstasies of morbid intrigue
evil as entertainment
as evil reigns

weeping and hysteria
tumble me downstream
heartbreak and madness
the horror of missing
the brainstoppingly obvious
forgotten child
abandoned parent

scraping the fiddle
while the city burns


First published in Slamchop Poetry: http://www.slamchop.org/ann-van-wijgerden



5 thoughts on “Poem: The City Burns

  1. Hi, Ann,

    Based on what I’ve been seeing coming across my various feeds over the past six months or so, I’m in the process of starting a new (and hopefully short-lived!!) feature on my writer’s website: “Poems for Troubled Times.” I’d love to include “The City Burns,” maybe with a little introduction from you about its impetus?


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